Profile of LBZH Oldenburg

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Type of organization

State institution under the auspices of the Federal State of Lower Saxony

Area covered: northern part of the Federal State of Lower Saxony with 2.5 million inhabitants in 15 districts and four independent towns

Main products/activities

  • Pedagogic-audiological examination of preschool children and counselling
  • Support during the fitting of hearing aids
  • Organization of early encouragement at home initiating all measures required for a hearing-oriented speech therapy
  • Support to hearing-impaired infants and their families in infant groups and parent-child-seminars
  • Kindergarten with 32 places for hearing-impaired children within the institution
  • Ambulant support to hearing-impaired children in regular kindergartens, also in external groups
  • Motopedagogic support
  • Psychological advice
  • Pedagogic-audiological examination of children and juveniles at school age and advice
  • Giving expert opinions on whether a child needs ”special pedagogic encouragement“ as a precondition for assigning a child to a special school for hearing-impaired pupils or to a regular school with special assistance
  • Primary school, elementary school and secondary school for 190 hearing-impaired and deaf children and juveniles within the institution
  • School-leaving certificates comparable to regular schools
  • Special care for educationally subnormal hearing-impaired pupils
  • Boarding-school for 20 pupils
  • Ambulant advice and support to hearing-impaired children and juveniles in regular schools by a mobile service
  • Organization and execution of training events in the field “Pedagogic audiology“ for hearing-aid acousticians, otorhinolaryngologists, pediatricians, and teachers as well as in the field of “Education for hearing-impaired children” for parents, teachers at regular schools, and school authorities

No. of employees


Key persons working within the project

The Bildungszentrum is chaired by

Oberstudiendirektorin Marco Noël


Studiendirektor Marco Noël

Studiendirektor Werner Behrens


Karin Scholl (financial & business affairs).

Arzt: Dr. med. Andreas Becker (otorhinolaryngological service)

Major research projects


Organizational services (“Geschäftsstelle”) for the „Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Leiter der Bildungseinrichtungen für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige“ (Study group of the directors of educational institutions for deaf and hearing-impaired persons) in German-speaking countries and the „Deutsche Bundesdirektorenkonferenz“
Chairman: Manfred Isstas

since 1999

Cooperation with the University of Oldenburg, Hörtech gGmbH and the Evangelisches Krankenhaus in the context of the Kompetenzzentrum Hörtech in order to improve the general situation of auditory rehabilitation with hearing instruments (hearing aids and cochlea implants).

since 2001

Partner of the “Kompetenzzentrum Hörtech” (federal centre of excellence in biomedical technology) supported by the German Federal Research Ministry (BMBF) and the Lower Saxonian Ministry of Economics and Science.

since 2005

Partnership with “Colegio Tres Olivos”, Madrid/Spain. Meetings in 2005 und 2007 with teachers and pupils.